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"Do what you feel in your heart to be right"

~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

Eleanor given a fighting chance.


$180 to support Eleanor for a whole year!
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You'll ensure her belly is always full, her future is bright & her standard veterinary care is covered.
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Growing in confidence Eleanor is an adorable, playful little girl.  We have high hopes for her, but due to a fracture in her skull, a small knock to the head could mean the end for our little fighter.


When we received a call to pick up an orphaned baby baboon, we had no idea she would be in such a critical state.  With a fractured skull, wounds all over her face & head & regular seizures we feared she wouldn't make it.


We are so glad she is here at C.A.R.E. where we had two wonderful vets, Stephanie and Joao that undoubtable saved her life.  For a few days Eleanor, after the famous strong American politician Eleanor Roosevelt, had a lot of neurological symptoms typical of a head injury; she could only turn left, eyes flickering, muscle spasms and small seizures.

She had had x-rays so that we could determine the best treatment and so far she has been doing well.  Sadly, even recent xrays shows that the fracture is there and open still and although the wound has healed over her skull is very fragile; for a curious baby baboon that wants to climb, jump and play this isn't good news. 


C.A.R.E. aims to give Eleanor the best chances of survival and a baboon family so that she has a chance to be returned to the wild.  She's still fighting to survive.  When she arrived her whole body was beaten & bruised & scraped - the pain medication helped a lot.  Initially we were concerned that the brain trauma had impacted her coordination and that she had extensive neurological damage which would prevent her from having a "normal baboon life", but after a few weeks Eleanor showed us that asides from her injury she was growing as an infant baboon should.


Eleanor has a bright future at C.A.R.E. if she makes it, where she will get all the care and support needed for a life in the wild as part of a baboon troop again.

As Eleanor has been a critical case, she has needed much more care than the "normal recue".  Visits to the Vet in town to get xrays, pain medication, steroids (initially), anti-seizure medication (initially), antibiotics, probiotics.  You can help us to help Eleanor have a happy life and bright future!  You can make a difference.

"Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Help Eleanor today.

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Setting up a monthly donation has never been easier & never has it been more needed.  With a lot of animals to care for, having you join our Global C.A.R.E. family ensures we can plan, budget & make a real impact!

You will not only be helping Eleanor, but you will be helping her whole troop - ensuring they get the best care, best enclosure to live in until they are released, nutritious food, enrichment & fresh water. 

Your help matters, your help makes a difference to Eleanor & you will make a major impact.  Help today.  Eleanor needs you.

Eleanor needs you.  Don't delay, you're needed today.

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SWIFT number (for overseas transfers): FIRN ZA JJ XXX

C.A.R.E. Address: Plot 5 Grietjie Nature Reserve, Phalaborwa, 1390

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