“For it is in giving that we receive.”

- Francis of Assisi



$180 to support Grey for a whole year!
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Click ' donate' above to help Grey now for a whole year.
You'll ensure her belly is always full, her future is bright & her standard veterinary care is covered.
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You can make a difference now, make a difference to Grey's life & future today.

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You can ensure Grey is now safe & cared for.

About Gentle Grey

Grey is a baboon orphan that you will absolutely fall in love with.  Grey has always had the most darling look about her and the most wonderful personality to suite - despite such a horrific beginning.

Grey arrived to C.A.R.E. in a terrible state.  Smaller than the average baby, she had blood on her face, which we believe must have been from her mother.  Grey also had a big wound on her tail, which suspiciously looked like a bullet hole; probably from the one which killed her mother.

Now at C.A.R.E. Grey is safe, nurtured and settling into a new baboon family which is being rehabilitated for release. 


You can be part of her journey. 


You can help keep Grey safe, ensure she always has a full tummy, and give her a chance for a bright future.  We can only help Grey with help - your help makes a big difference.

Help Grey today by Adopting her.

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Grey needs you.  Don't delay, you're needed today.

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