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Jasper troop are a wonderful troop with several big males and females which are now just about ready for release.  Due to them being a great troop for release and in an enclosure which is easy to clean we integrated several young orphan babies into the troop recently.

Females Cathy and Maxi proved to be excellent surrogate mothers to orphans Rose, Wildling and more recently Pickle.

We are excited for Jasper troop to get released in the future, but until then we would love your help to keep them happy, healthy and enriched!

You can make a difference to these sweet, cheeky chacma 


Rose arrived at about 2 weeks old as an orphan with nappy rash which was so bad it was bleeding.  Thankfully when her 'owners' took her to the vet she was confiscated and is now at C.A.R.E. and is thriving.  Jasper troop have happily adopted Rose as their baby along with recent orphans Pickle and Wildling.  Jasper is an average sized troop with 6 adult females, 4 adult males and 3 young juveniles.  They're fed;


3 sack-fulls of fresh food daily (R120)

48 (min) eggs per week - R105

2 bales of grass per week - R160

2kg bag of peanuts per week - R70

3 kg scatter feed (nuts, corn, seeds) per week - R75

10 kg dry food scatter  per week along with - R140

a bag of mealie meel per month which is pasted onto sticks and leaves and given as enrichment - R120 pm (R30 pw)

= R790 per week  ($70 / 50 GBP) per week

It would be incredible to have someone cover all the weekly costs but understand that it isn't always financially feasible; therefore we hope to build up a few sponsors for this troop to help cover the costs monthly.  If you can give whatever amount you can, we will search for others and hope that between you we can cover the costs of caring for this gorgeous troop of baboons as they under-go their rehabilitation for release journey.

Choose what you want to sponsor, how much you can afford and how often with our weekly or monthly subscriptions.

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