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Bush 4 Baboons: Leave a positive legacy and plant a tree in our reserve for as little as $20!

We're asking our supporters if they want to leave a positive mark on C.A.R.E. and the planet through donating to buy a tree to plant in the reserve!

There are so many great reasons to want to plant a tree!

We want to be a more sustainable sanctuary, through actively improving our on-site habitat within our "rebuild area" (which is protected within an electric fence and undergoing restoration as it was previously cleared for agriculture in the early 80's).


We are aiming to plant native fruit trees such as marula trees, water berrys,  baobabs, grewias and also some fruit/nut trees which can be harvested; macadamia, avocado and mango. 


What a great way to make the place beautiful, provide natural and juicy food for the wild birds and captive animals undergoing rehabilitation and make a positive contribution to the planet! 


Get involved now and make a BIG POSITIVE IMPACT!

Choose your tree below!

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Marula Tree

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Water Berry

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Mango Tree

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Boer Bean Tree

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Knob Thorn Tree

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Baobab Tree

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