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Bush 4 Baboons: Leave a positive legacy and plant a tree in our reserve for as little as $20!

Chacma baboon orphan

If you needed more reasons to plant a tree, there are SO many reasons to plant a tree.

The area where we are planting trees; within our 'rebuild area' was once used for agriculture, meaning a lot of the natural bush was once cleared.  The area, asides from a few stunning old marulas (which are protected) and some fast growing knob-thorns and sickle bush trees it is a barren area; which is the main reason we chose it to build our new facilities.  Through planting trees we can regenerate the natural environment, and already we have seen a huge increase in the population of birds which chose to nest in some of the trees.

Trees are beautiful, natural and produce oxygen for us to breathe.  Trees are a place of sanctuary, rest, shade.  Trees should never be underestimated.  Every day hundred of trees are cut down, if we plant more, we are helping the planet and the animals. 


Additionally, trees make delicious fruits for us and animals to eat! 

Trees Provide Food
Trees are Good for the Environment
Trees Cool the Cities, Streets & Playing Fields
Planting a Tree Reduces Your Carbon Footprint
Trees Combat the Green House Effect
Trees Attract Song Birds
Trees Provide Canopy & a Habitat for Wildlife
Trees are Beneficial to the Nutrient Cycle
Trees are Teachers & Playmates
Trees Provide Oxygen
Trees Prevent Soil Erosion
Trees are Beautiful
Exposure to Forests Boosts Our Immune System
Trees Can Help to Save Water
Trees Represent a Crucial Element of the Water Cycle
Trees Block Things
Trees Reduce Stress, Lower Blood Pressure & Improves Mood

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