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'Mama Imfene' 

Rita Miljo

'Mother of baboons' 

Rita Miljo
Continuing the legacy of Rita Miljo
Pioneer in Rehabilitation & release of Baboons
18 Feb 1931 - 27 July 2012

German born, Rita Miljo, known as "Mama Imfene" which translate to "Mother of Baboons" was a pioneer in rehabilitating baboons and releasing them.  With releasing her first troop of rehabilitated baboons in 1994 we believe she is the first person in the world to form a troop of orphaned social primates, raise them and release them.


Rita's passion was baboons and she was tough, determined and outspoken for her cause.  Locally, some regarded Rita as an irritant; working for a species that so many despise, but globally her work is revered, and she is appreciated immensely for her contribution to conservation and animal advocacy.