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Release Permit Issued & Recieved! Dreams, hopes & goals are being realised!

September 24, 2014

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A Perfect Gift for 2016!

December 23, 2015

Looking for the perfect gift for the primatologist/monkey-lover in your life?  We have the perfect gift!  A 2016 Primate Connections Calendar!



Check out the 2016 Primate Connections calendar. http://www.primateconnections.com/calendar?AFFID=232937


The 2016 Primate Connections calendar is a unique fundraising piece that represents the hard work and collaborative efforts of 13 primate conservation organizations, four independent wildlife photographers, three primate conservation societies, two zoos, and a half dozen youth organizations.  And it’s even endorsed by Dr Jane Goodall!


Filled with photographs of some of the rarest primates on earth, the Primate Connections calendar is not only informative, but also awe-inspiring.


Get your calendar today and learn about the trials and triumphs of these conservation organizations experience as well as to gather tips on how you can help out from home.


View the calendar by clicking this link; http://www.primateconnections.com/calendar?AFFID=232937


In a world where every dollar you spend matters, we encourage you to spend it on a gift that keeps on giving.  With every calendar purchased 50% of proceeds will go toward C.A.R.E.'s beautiful baboons!


At Primate Connections they believe that collaboration, creativity, and innovative income generation are the cornerstones of next generation conservation. 


By purchasing a calendar you can help us achieve our mission of caring for, protecting and releasing back into the wild South Africa's baboons!


 Click here to purchase your calendar today: http://www.primateconnections.com/calendar?AFFID=232937






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