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The Guardianship programme at C.A.R.E helps us to care for and plan a future for the baboons under rehabilitation at the centre. If you would like to become a Baboon Guardian and support a baboon at C.A.R.E, we will send you a Guardianship Pack and updates on their progress. We rely on generosity and donations to enable us to care for the baboons undergoing rehabilitation and we hope that through keeping you updated on your special baboon you may get to know a little of its personality and character as it develops! Choose one of our very special baboons who deserve only the best care and with your help we can provide just that! If you choose to become a Baboon Guardian, we will send you electronically;

  • A Guardianship Certificate,

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  • Profile of you baboon,

  • Updates,

  • About C.A.R.E Information Pack.


Followed by email or Facebook updates 3 times a year for

your adoptive baboon so that you can get to know them and how they are getting on at the Centre.


  • Guardianship per year: $180 ($15 per month)

~Maya ~

 stolen from the wild and imprisoned in a lab - giving her a second chance


Maya has a sweet, social and gentle personality since "retiring" at C.A.R.E.  Sadly her past was a little darker than his bright future;


Maya was stolen from the wild to be used in Biomedical Research.  For years she was imprisoned in a small cell.  Taken from her baboon family, her days of foraging and sleeping in the trees was over.  Maya was thankfully given a second chance and C.A.R.E. rescued her in 2011 along with 10 other lady baboons from the Biomedical Research industry,

With lots of TLC and good nutrition, C.A.R.E. has meant this sweet female can get a life with her own kind again and she has made friends with other orphans and ladies from the lab to form a new troop.


Integrating adult female baboons can be particularly difficult as in the wild it isn't normal for a female to join a troop.  Females inherit their rank from their mothers and stay in their troop for life, whereas males come and go once they reach sexual maturity. 

Maya, due to her personality has come along leaps and bounds and has found herself a new baboon family.  Maya loves babies and has played an important role as Aunty to many orphan babies.


Wonderful Maya has a bright future at C.A.R.E, where she will get all the care and support needed for a life in the wild as part of a baboon troop again.  We didn't expect for Maya to become part of a releasable troop when she arrived as she was an adult and psychologically damaged, so it is very exciting to see her become part of a releasable troop.

Maya has had a long and tough journey, we are so pleased to offer her a fur-ever loving home and chance of freedom.


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