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"Volunteering at C.A.R.E. when I was 19 gave me so much confidence in myself as a person.  It felt safe enough for my first trip to travel alone, although I was still scared!  Those feelings starting to disappear as we drove deeper into the most magical nature reserve full of the animals, all the animals I had watched all those times on TV & only dreamed of seeing wild. My dreams were coming true!  I was living them.  After those first trips to C.A.R.E. (yep, I kept returning), I went on to get paid work with Great Apes which was my dream & also complete my Masters Degree in Primate Conservation.  Without a doubt my experiences at C.A.R.E. attributed to those successes.   Sitting by the river watching elephants calmly walk by & observing the wild baboons all around me was just incredible - and the moment I held a tiny orphan in my arms & fed it milk formula was life changing; I was hooked & have now been involved for 12 years (time has flown)."

SAMANTHA DEWHIRST / Assisting Managing Director C.A.R.E. / Master of Science Primate Conservation / UK

“I spent 4 weeks at CARE in June. It is the most amazing experience. On arrival -two babies were with their human carers - then bonding to females - then being integrated into a troop...the BEST!! There are lots of jobs to do to help with the running of CARE...including making bottles for the babies, preparation of food, making enrichments, enclosure cleaning, gardening and planting seedlings for human food...aim to be self sufficient. Food was great vegetarian...accommodation was simple but very acceptable with 2-3 bed rooms etc. Apart form the biggest love was interacting with Tattie, an old lady who loves to groom.She is a gem! Volunteers are such a valuable resource to CARE and everyone helps to save these wonderful baboons to a free life eventually, Love you all!!"

SUE SHOEFIELD / Australia 

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