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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi



General Visa Info


Upon arrival to Johannesburg most European, American and Australian citizens over 18 will be granted a 90 day visitor visa free-of-charge and without any complications. 


Please check the website though for the most up to date guidance;  if you come from anywhere else in the world. 


The 90 day visitor visa is all you need to stay at C.A.R.E. for a short <90 day visit to help the animals.


UNDER 18’s VISA: C.A.R.E. typically does not enrol under 18’s.  Those under 18 must follow the rules of providing additional documentation, all up to date details can be found on;


90+ DAYS VISA: Anyone staying longer than 90 days must apply for a Volunteer Visa in their host country. 

Volunteers staying longer than 90 days are so valuable to the centre, so please know that your efforts to obtain the necessary paperwork are truly appreciated!  The application process has been made more efficient and easier than before as it is all handled by VFS Global.  You can complete many things online and follow the process online;  Make sure you check the most recent requirements for submission well in advance of your travel date so that you are not left disappointed. 

Obtaining the necessary paperwork can often be time consuming. 

Most of the time you need;

* Police Clearance

* Radiological Report

* Medical Clearance

* Proof of funds

* Proof of ticket

* Letter from us

* Birth Certificate


90+ DAYS VISA EXTENSION WITHIN THE COUNTRY: There is a possibility if you are on a 90 day visa to extend it further whilst you are within the country, but it is made difficult as the closest offices to submit the application are Polokwane and Nelspruit; meaning you will need to hire a car.  Additionally, you must pick up the visa once it is processed in person (or someone can collect it on your behalf if they have your ID & written permission), meaning another long trip with car hire.  As per other visa applications, for this option you must initially apply via the website and you will then choose to book yourself an appointment at one of the nearest offices.

They need you... get in touch today....

You're one step closer! Your email is really important to us - we are in the middle of the bush, but should be in touch real soon! Thank you so, so much for wanting to help animals - you're AWESOME!

Kitchen Helper - Chef
Construction Volunteers
Orphan baboon babies at CARE


Your hands will be kept busy preparing food, enrichment, milk bottles for orphan babies, collecting seed pods & natural foods from within the reserve, cleaning enclosures & if there are orphan babies at the time of your stay in Phase 1 Rehabilitation your hands will be needed to groom, cuddle and nurture.

Explore South Africa

On our doorstep in every direction there are the most amazing & diverse things to see & do.  The Kruger National Park borders our reserve & we can arrange a safari for you with a qualified guide, or you can explore yourself by hiring a car cheaply.

The Panorama Route along some of the Drakensburg mountain range is just an hour away too.

Additional to scenery, you can visit other rehabilitation centres; something we can plan for you from C.A.R.E.


Every day all the baboons are monitored & their body condition, oestrus swellings, injuries and demeanour are all noted & filed in a database.  Additionally, we have our Research Assistant(s) train volunteers on how to collect behavioural data, introduce them to an ethogram & also provide basic training on how to use digital data collection apps.

You may be needed to collect data on mother & infants, the enrichment program, tool use, consort behaviour or more dependable on what is the research focus at the time.

Living Besides the Olifant's River (elephant's river)

C.A.R.E. is located in the heart of Grietjie Nature Reserve, which forms part of BALULE; there are no boundary fences between C.A.R.E. and the Kruger National Park, meaning animals such as elephants, lion, buffalo & more have freedom to roam in their search for food.

C.A.R.E. is situated right on the banks of the world renowned Olifant's River, meaning elephant's river.  We regularly see elephants, an array of antelope species, hippo & more.  The Volunteer Village is within an electric fence, which birds have learned is a safe-haven for them & don't be surprised to wake up to a vervet monkey on the roof.

A wild troop of baboons call C.A.R.E.'s property home & the staff recognise them by name.

Some nights you will fall asleep listening to lions calling & whooping hyenas; others the crashing of trees as elephants feast nearby.  This is the real Africa.... & it's all right on C.A.R.E.'s doorstep.

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