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"Must we wait until a species is on the brink of extinction before we try to help?" 
Rita Miljo, Founder of C.A.R.E. 1931-2012 (The Centre for Animal Rehabilitation & Education)




Because he matters.

They all do.

Your actions matter too.

With help from all over the globe we save South Africa's wild animals and seek to help all those in need. 
Baboon habitats are declining and their populations too. 
You can join us, you can help, you can make a difference. 
Rescue, rehabilitate, release and save baboons, indigenous wildlife and their habitats.


Committed to Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release

We rescue, rehabilitate and release helpless baboons and other small wildlife in need.

Established in 1989 by primate conservation and rehabilitation pioneer, Rita Miljo.  C.A.R.E. has pioneered in wildlife rehabilitation and the release of chacma baboons. 


C.A.R.E.'s Managing Director Stephen Munro, BSc. Animal Welfare has over 15 years experience in primate rehabilitation and release, he and his partner Samantha Dewhirst, MSc. Primate Conservation make an industrious, passionate and experienced duo, completely dedicated to the rescue, welfare, conservation and release of South Africa's wildlife; especially their beloved baboons!


You can help us too. 


You can help by donating, volunteering and spreading the word.


Education & Solution Focused

Educating locals & striving to find solution to wildlife conflicts


As human population increases wildlife habitat is declining.


We are committed to educating local people & tourists and helping them co-exist with wildlife, appreciate wildlife & want to protect wildlife for future generations. 

We are partnered with many schools in the surrounding areas providing educational trips to the centre and regularly give talks too.

We try hard to regularly have exhibition stalls in our local area and overseas, provide information and advice for lodges and farmers and hope to promote empathy, understanding and compassion for baboons.

We love collaborating with other conservation and animal welfare organisations!


Specialist &
life-saving facilities onsite to succeed

With a dedicated specialist team of professionals and volunteers we work from first-class facilities.


Thanks to help from other organisations, volunteers & special people like you all over the globe we have many specialist facilities;


  • 4 semi-wild enclosures 

  • Environmental Education Centre

  • Outdoor classroom

  • Offices onsite 

  • Quarantine facilities

  • Quarantine Orphan Nursery 

  • Bonding & integration enclosures

  • Accommodation for students / volunteers coming to help

  • Veterinary Clinic

  • Renovated of almost all standard rehabilitation enclosures with more being improved every day

  • An elephant-proof Feedstore 

  • Animal Food Prep  Kitchen

We CARE. Keeping you informed.

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