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Rehabilitation &

"Must we wait until a species is on the brink of extinction before we try to help?"

- Rita Miljo - founder of C.A.R.E.

C.A.R.E. is a highly regarded wildlife conservation & welfare charity that has been specialising in baboons since 1989.  A fully equipped, ethical, reputable, government and NSPCA endorsed rehabilitation centre, situated on the banks of the beautiful  Olifants River, within the ecologically diverse and important wildlife habitat of the Greater Kruger National Park. 
Volunteer, Help and Support our sanctuary to help us protect & conserve baboons and their habitats.

Primates are facing an extinction crisis.
You can make a difference.

C.A.R.E.'s unwavering commitment to rescue, protect, conserve and provide a safe environment for chacma baboons, since 1989, has never been so important. Your help and support is vital to safeguarding our incredible primate cousins.  60% of (nonhuman) primate species are threatened with extinction and about 75% have declining populations due to human activities. 


Primates are under unprecedented threat from destruction of habitat, illegal wildlife trade and hunting and failure to respond to the mounting threats now exacerbated by climate change will bring the first primate extinctions in more than a century. 


114 of the world’s 394 primate species are classified as threatened with extinction on the IUCN Red List.  Chacma baboons could be extinct by 2070, according to published science.  You can make a direct positive impact today, through donating or signing up to volunteer.


Our Services


If you or anyone you know has a piece of land suitable for releasing baboons; a game farm, a nature reserve, a cattle farm +/-2500ha minimum size; please get in contact with us. The baboons really need your help.

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Baboon habitats & populations are declining. 
You can join us,
We Need You to help,
You make a difference.

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Plot 5, Grietjie Nature Reserve, Phalaborwa, South Africa

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