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Our Team

Meet our team of dedicated animal care staff

None of what we achieve would be possible without plenty of help, extreme hard-work and great teamwork. Caring for 430 baboons, rescuing animals and releasing them back into the wild would be impossible without the dedication of our permanent staff, donors, your help and volunteers.  Your donations and volunteers' time enables us to achieve incredible things for the baboons in our care. 

Our team is made up of permanent local staff and international volunteers. The longterm volunteer team are educated and experienced professionals that have fallen in love with the baboons and project.  Our Managing Director Stephen Munro is a dedicated, humble, passionate, experienced and knowledgeable leader; been in love with the baboons and volunteering for over 20 years.

We have a big team of 9 local staff, 4 permanent volunteer staff-members or longterm volunteers and up to 20 short-term volunteers which are desperately needed to make a difference to the animals' lives.

Meet the Team

Meet the wonderful people who work day after day ensuring the best care and treatment for the baboons.

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