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"Our baboon orphans matter and deserve a second chance. All animals matter. All animals have the right to share our earth."


- Samantha Dewhirst


Samantha Dewhirst

Samantha has a Master of Science in Primate Conservation from Oxford Brookes University and first fell in love with the baboons and C.A.R.E. as a volunteer in 2006 as part of her Batchelor studies. 

My Story

Samantha has experienced animal husbandry in various animal establishments; she volunteered at the Cotswolds Wildlife Park, Wilmar Animal Sanctuary (E.Cape) and worked at Monkey World (UK) with chimpanzees and other primates and also worked at Chessington (UK).  At C.A.R.E. and the local Veterinary Clinic in Phalaborwa Samantha gained additional veterinary skills and is capable of handling emergency situations.

At 19, Samantha volunteered to help Dr Jane Goodall, doing her personal filing at her home, the Birches and also volunteered to assist in their UK marketing office and at book signing events which provided great insight into the 'behind the scenes' of charity organisations.  This along with a personal passion for photography, photo editing and amateur web design has enabled C.A.R.E. to evolve into the digital realm of online marketing and education with ease and minimal cost, she is always on the look-out for professional help though!

Samantha has a passion for conservation and education and worked teaching in a Nepalese Children's Orphanage for a few months before joining C.A.R.E. full-time to help develop the marketing and educational aspects of running the centre in 2011.  Due to shortages of long-term staff Samantha was naturally heavily involved with hand-raising the orphan baboons and in 2012 evolved to manage the Phase 1 rehabilitation and also the rehabilitation and integration project of 11 ex-laboratory baboons.

After the tragic death of C.A.R.E.'s Founder Rita Miljo, Samantha took on more responsibilities; over-seeing and Co-Ordinating the Phase I Rehabilitation, was committed to improve policies and procedures and assisted Stephen to  plan, budget and project manage the building of new facilities and enclosure improvements.   Samantha is dedicated to primate conservation, improving welfare and facilities and ensuring C.A.R.E. succeeds in the mission to provide excellent care, release the baboons and provides education to local communities and tourists.

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