Your donation matters and makes a big impact. 

The choices you make can save lives, help orphans, care for wildlife crime victims. 


Your acts of kindness can change a life.  You change the world one step at a time.  Act now and make a donation today.

You can make a difference every month;




"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do." - Steve Jobs

You can save orphans.



A message from us to you,


"We need you to help, now more than ever.


A once off donation enables us to feed an orphan, provide fuel for a rescue mission or release mission.

Your monthly donation helps C.A.R.E. to be more secure, to better plan for the 437 lives, the victims of wildlife crime needing care and sanctuary at the Centre.

You can provide a monthly donation to enable C.A.R.E. to be financially sustainable and better budget to give the best welfare to the orphaned baboons.  

2020 bought with it cases of cruelty and many orphans in need.  We had so many successes; orphans released back into the wild and those not yet ready, adopted into the loving troops here which await their chance of freedom.  The impacts of COVID-19 though, has bought major financial implications.   So please, please help if you can.  Our financial cushion; our emergency funds, have all been depleted.  Usually we welcome 80-100 volunteers annually to the centre which funds the day-to-day care costs for 437 sanctuary animals rescued from cruelty, pain and suffering.  Without those funds, we are not meeting our expenditure needs.  We need your commitment.  Your actions make a difference, now more than ever.  The choice you make can save our sanctuary, save the 437 baboons that rely on generosity from you.  Help us be more financially secure; help us better plan and budget by pledging your monthly support.  Commit yourself to the baboons, show you care.  Act today.  Join our small monthly family of donors, help our family grow.  Help us be stable, you can help us help orphans in need.  You can provide funds which brings food, medical care and more. 


"You have the choice to use the gift of your life, to make the world a better place." Dr. Jane Goodall.

You can make a monthly donation, a bigger impact.
Your monthly donation helps us to be more stable and to better plan and budget.  You can join our close family of monthly donors and make it grow; help be our foundation for better welfare and care.
Become a monthly donor today, help us to make a bigger difference. Please.
Your donation can save a life.  You can directly cover medical expenses, provide a vaccine or put nutritious food in the hungry belly of an orphan in need.
You make a big impact, you can make a change.  Your choice impacts orphaned babies and can give them the care they need for a second chance.  Act now.

"Only if we help will they be saved." Dr. Jane Goodall

Through making a donation you are helping to save a life, cure their hunger with nutritious food, provide a life-saving vaccination & giving hope for a life in the wild. 


Without your help, we cannot provide the care that these incredible souls deserve. 


None of the animals asked to be orphaned. 


We can, with your help give them a life, a future & freedom.


"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." Gandhi

Join our C.A.R.E. Family by making a monthly minimum donation of $5 per month

Through making a monthly donation you allow us to become stronger financially, allowing us to better budget for life-changing projects & plan for the future.

You will receive a monthly update on a troop or baboon of your choice.

Safe, quick, easy & opt out any time.

Make an impact today!


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