$15 now will provide milk formula to an orphan in need.

Help an orphan.



Name Our Newest Orphan Baboon Baby

Competition - ends Friday

Competition Time!  We are offering you the chance to name our newest orphan baby baboon.  For $5 you can put in a name entry, enter as many names or as many times as you like with a donation of any multiple of $5! 

Wildlife Orphans, especially baby baboons, are absolutely helpless and without help, they would die.  With your help, we can give this little orphan boy, who had his mothers blood still on him when he was found a surrogate baboon mother, an adoptive baboon family and a bright future. 


We can only do this life-saving and vital work with your help. 


This little boy needs help with;

$15 per week special milk formula

$20 per week diapers for nighttime hygiene

$50 a week helps towards food

$75 per week helps towards the electricity & gas bills (to sterilise teats, boil water, pump water)

$100 ensures we can cover his veterinary needs (vaccines, probiotics, health check)

$200 helps us to cover petrol for release site visits

$500 helps us buy food for all the baboons at the centre this week


We will end the competition FRIDAY - so you only have 2 days to make the most of this opportunity and give this little boy a suitable name.  All those donating will be kept on his mailing list to receive updates on his progress.



We need your support to ensure this little orphan boy has the best start in his new life and is on the right track for a great future.

"Only if we help will they be saved." Dr. Jane Goodall

Through making a donation you are helping to save a life, cure their hunger with nutritious food, provide a life-saving vaccination & giving hope for a life in the wild. 


Without your help, we cannot provide the care that these incredible souls deserve. 


None of the animals asked to be orphaned. 


We can, with your help give them a life, a future & freedom.


"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." Gandhi

Join our C.A.R.E. Family by making a monthly minimum donation of $5 per month

Through making a monthly donation you allow us to become stronger financially, allowing us to better budget for life-changing projects & plan for the future.

You will receive a monthly update on a troop or baboon of your choice.

Safe, quick, easy & opt out any time.

Make an impact today!

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