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Rescue. Rehabilitation. Release.

Bushbabies need your help and our help to survive. 

Sometimes they need rescue, veterinary care, rehabilitation, release back into the wild, a sanctuary. Sometimes they need rescuing from the illegal pet trade, cruelty or neglect.

Don't break the law.  Keeping indigenous wildlife without a permit is illegal.


The tiny "Nagapie" (night monkey in Afrikaans) are at risk due to humans wanting to keep them as inappropriate pets. 


Cute and cuddly looking but did you know they mark their territories by urinating into a cupped hand and then rubbing this on the feet, bushbabies spread their scent wherever they move.  They are also only active at night and need a very specialised diet.

Many species of nocturnal primates are increasingly threatened by illegal collecting for the pet trade. When transported outside of their natural range and climate, many bushbabies die. This is partly because they are adapted to a specific climate and landscape, but also because each species has a very specific diet, which they typically do not receive when they are kept as pets, by inexperienced keepers.


Furthermore the incorrect diet will result in mal-formed bones, kidney and liver damage, obesity and psychological impairments.

Bushbabies are very prone to respiratory problems if the correct temperatures are not maintained.


New owners often grow tired quickly; these are nocturnal primates and owners often get bored of them sleeping during the day and do not give enough gum or  adequet insects needed to sustain them at night.  When the novelty wears off the animals are often dumped in the nearest veld. Where they often do not survive as they do not know the landscape; dehydration and starvation.


If you see someone with an indigenous wild animals as a pet, get in touch.  Or call your local SPCA.

Let’s Work Together to Keep Wild Animals Wild

Get in touch so we can start working together to save bushbabies from the pet trade, from poaching, from our domestic pets. 

We are a rescue service situated between Hoedspruit and Phalaborwa, in a Greater Kruger Reserve within the Limpopo Province and are happy to help a bushbaby in need. Our rehabilitation and release success so far has been 100% and we are proud to help these adorable nocturnal primates find family and freedom.

If you have found a Bushbaby in the Gauteng province, please instead contact another reputable rehabilitation centre / service, we reccomend Friends of Free Wildlife or Johannesburg Wildlife Vets.

For Mpumalanga province, please contact Diedre of Wild and Free.

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