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Image by Annie Spratt

Education & Outreach

C.A.R.E. takes part in many education and outreach projects. We are passionate about spreading awareness for the baboons, but also spreading love and respect for all species. Volunteers have the opportunity to spend the day with local people and animals, and making a huge positive impact. Check out our excursions list for more information.


School groups

School groups visit C.A.R.E. to learn about baboons and the positive impact they make on the environment. Children also learn about domestic animals such as dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Many arriving with a fear of many animals, but return home having pet a dog, or held a rabbit.


Volunteers spend the day in the local community helping to health check community dogs, vaccinate and teach children how to take care of them. This project makes a huge positive impact and volunteers are able to get lots of puppy cuddles while making a difference.



A local NPO dedicated to growing resilient communities. Volunteers get to experience a true Eco-Village, sample local foods, meet a local Sangoma (traditional medicine doctor) and observe the children in the creche and school - there is nothing better than spending the day around happy, laughing children.


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