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Wildlife In Need of Veterinary Care and/or Rehabilitation

We are situated in Limpopo, South Africa, and specialise in chacma baboons with great success.


As humans inhabit more wildlife habitats, build more roads, agriculture, malls, and homes it is inevitable that wild animals are injured or orphaned and need assistance.

Rehabilitation centres require permits to keep wild animals, it is illegal to keep wild animals without one.  Reputable rehabilitation centres with have onsite veterinary facilities and qualified as well as experienced staff.

Other species we have successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild include waterbuck, bushbuck, squirrels, mongoose, porcupines, warthogs, bushbabies (lesser and greater), dormice, various small mammals, and small birds.  Meerkats have found their sanctuary here in the past too.


If you find a baboon orphan, please get in touch asap; we travel all over South Africa to help baboons in need, to ensure they get to the right place. 

In the earlier days Rita, C.A.R.E.'s Founder also rescued from the canned lion industry and rehabilitated lions and jackals that were all successfully released.

If you find a wild animal in need, you must first be sure; the animal does, in fact, need human assistance and then you need to contact your nearest wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian. Please note that the correct diet for wild animals is essential and poor care in infancy can lead to premature death and organ failure later on in life.

There are only 3 operating rehabilitation centres for baboons in South Africa and they are all in Limpopo.

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