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Contraceptive Implants!

Captive management of large, testosterone fueled males within a limited area can be a challenge!

For a successful release, the core of the troop must be psychologically/emotionally mature, as before this a social primate will look for reassurance when scared or threatened. If the core of the troop is emotionally mature, there will be no fear of the troop seeking human reassurance upon release. The younger, immature animals will look to their baboon elders/con-specifics for reassurance and leadership so long as they are effectively bonded and cohesive enough to be considered suitable for release. For a male baboon to be an emotionally mature adult, they also reach physical maturity. Testosterone production reaches its peak during adolescence and young adulthood in humans and the same is observed in baboon males too. With the testosterone increase comes more dominance displays and the males notibly become more agressive. Dominance behaviours and displays can cause a lot of stress on the troop which during captivity are within a confined space. To help minimise the hormone induced aggression and dominance displays with the added benefit of acting as a contraceptive method, we have began using Deselorin Contraceptive Implants at the centre. Here is a photo of 7 year old male Goku getting one fitted... it is a simple procedure, just like inserting a microchip! So far, the product has worked! It works like a completely reversible, 'chemical' castration. Hannah Young researched the effects of the implants on behaviour for her Master of Science thesis and was happy to report an increase in affiliative behaviours (grooming and playing) and a reduction in agression/dominance displays!

The effects are 100% revesible so the males will not be effected upon release! If you want to learn more click here.

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