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27 July 2022 marks 10 years since the tragic, sudden death of Rita Miljo a renowned primatologist, conservationist and pioneer in the field of primate rehabilitation and release.

This week we are sharing clips, photos and stories every day to honour and #RememberRita, an incredible lady who achieved remarkable success in her pioneering work.

C.A.R.E.'s founder, Rita Miljo (1931-2012) was a true hero for the baboons of South Africa, dubbed, the Diane Fossey of the baboon world. Her reputation was that of a fiery, passionate, determined and strong woman, and for sure she was all that and more. Rita died suddenly in a tragic fire which stole the lives of her and 3 baboons. On the night of 27 July 2012 a fire broke out in Rita’s apartment, above the vet clinic and baby nursery. Alerted by the flames, the staff and volunteers ran to assist, but were turned back by the intense heat, unable to help Rita or Bobby (the first baboon that Rita ever rescued). The brave action of the staff ensured the evacuation of all 34 of the patients in the downstairs clinic and the young baboons sleeping in the down stairs nursery.

Rita and Bobby were laid to rest together in the same grave at C.A.R.E. On the night of 27 July 2012 the devastating flames claimed Rita's life. She is gone, but her fiery passion lives on in all those who were inspired by her. Rita entrusted her life's work to Scottish-born, Stephen Munro who carries her legacy on into the future. She left the property upon which C.A.R.E. is built to Stephen, who she trusted dearly. Rita's legacy remains strong and her sanctuary has gone from strength to strength thanks to the leadership of her successors and army of volunteers and donors around the world that refused to give up on the baboons. You can keep her legacy alive by supporting the team.

Watch the YouTube Short Clips We are sharing all week with you, to honour her life and memory.

VOLUNTEER: DONATE: SHARE to show you CARE - please share, comment and encourage us as we continue her mission.

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