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Last Day to Donate! C.A.R.E. Slime Challenge

Did you hear about our latest fundraiser? We really need your help to make it all worth while! Some of the staff and volunteers have put themselves forward, for your votes to be slimed with a bucket of the gunge, slimey food waste. Usually composted, in just a few days time, the slime will be going over the head of one of our dedicated care-givers, who are willing and eager as it means raising essential, vital funds to rescue, care for and release baboon orphans during globally challenging times.

So far, together, with the care-givers friends and family and C.A.R.E. supporters, we have raised $1,754, which is absolutely amazing. Stephen Munro, our Director is in the lead with just under $600 backing him, can you help his total reach the $600 mark, or just a little more? Surely, you would want him to feel accomplished and that he raised a lot of money in return for the slop in his face?

Here's what he has to say about it....

If you haven't donated, please do! If you think Stephen deserves more money to get slimed (because he is very much in the lead at just under $600... would you wanna be slimed for $600?) then donate for him, if you want to see Maddie caught up with Tom, send us a donation, or do you want to see someone else slimed? Everyone is willing as it means that they are raising funds for the orphaned baboons which are in need. Votes so far!

Donate Now, Sunday is the last day for donations.

The slime put aside for this fundraiser is really, not good smelling stuff. Carrot slime, stinky white potatoes, pepper slop, pear puree, beet juice...

No one in their right mind would want it on them, unless, it was to raise vital, life-saving funds for the animals they love. And, we all know that our care-givers are the absolute best, dedicated, doing this job voluntarily, because they love the orphans.

orphan baby baboon Oreo, eating a donated grape.
Orphan Oreo, one of the baboons in need, which will benefit from the fundraiser.

We get food donations from the local grocer in town, and we sort though the good and the bad, the bad gets composted and the good (there's plenty of good) is washed and fed. This is often where we get a lot of novelty fruits and nice root veggies to steam for our geriatrics or those needing a bland diet. This time though, the bad, will be thrown over someone's head! We think Stephen could do with a few more dollars to make his "win" just a little more easy to stomach? Or, maybe, someone else should take his place?

See the first video some of the team put together, talking more about the challenge!

And visit our Facebook post, for Stephen's update;

We REALLY appreciate your help and would like to thank the following people for their generosity and kind spiritedness for getting stuck in with our fundraising effort.

Ruth Cooper $13,25

Gaby Wimmer $40 + $30

Mark Tuckey $60

Beatrice Ferro $100

Emily Wotton $10

Jennifer Spencer $100

Greg Pankhurst $10

Vanessa Sparkes $15 + $53,40

Alasdair Sheldon $ 40

Courtney Garzone $15

Anna Short $100

Edward Martin $5

Richard Dewdney $60

Caroline Ratliff $15 + $25

Martin Rosenbaum $53,51

Ben Rosenbaum $15

Georgina Collins $10

Caroline Forsythe $100

Jeff Cisna $100

Hugo Hussié / Marie $7

Daniel Cooper $50

Dom Vetri $50

Karin Allan $100

Nicole Riddoch $35

Louise Dougherty $15

Lisa Banks $13,29

Fiona & Robert Munro $26,39

Hrizantema Kazazyan $40

Peter Allmark $10

Pam Mendosa303

Graham, Sue & the Munro's $59,50 + $6,61

Natalie Munro $15

Philip Carter $50

Elizabeth Coggeshall $50

Sarah Coleman $50

Tom Ashley's other friends $80

As you all know, times are really challenging financially and our income since March 2020's lockdown (almost 12 months) has been minimal as overseas volunteers have not been able to arrive. We are open for volunteers, however, it is a challenge for people to get to us due to their countries border restrictions. Therefore, we are trying really hard to raise funds, and we hope this one has bought a smile, as, in a few days time, someone will be covered in slimey, veggie slop!

Keep the donations coming in, so that at least the one having the gunge thrown over them, knows that thanks to you and their efforts, a tremendous difference to C.A.R.E. has been achieved!

Our baboon orphans need you.

Join in and support us with the SLIME CHALLENGE!!

Thank you, from all of us here at C.A.R.E. and on behalf of the voiceless. The baboons cannot ask you for themselves, to reach into your heart and generously give, so we must ask for them. Please help today, they need you.

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