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Paul O'Grady a Baboon Ambassador!

Paul O'Grady visited The Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education (C.A.R.E.) to film a new series; 'Paul O'Grady's Animal Orphans'.

What a charming man the British Celebrity is! The baboons absolutely adored him and it was such a pleasure to have him join the animal care team! Paul is an animal lover through and through, his passion was evident as he didn't mind getting down and dirty for the love of baboons. Paul joined the team making bottles, supervising the orphans in the nursery and helped with the integration of Tiny Tim into his new baboon troop. Paul also braved the South African bush on the search for Managing Director Stephen Munro who was checking up on a troop he released back into the wild.

His positive and fun energy bought a new buzz to the busy centre and he truly got stuck in! We are grateful that he and his production team chose the baboons to become ambassadors for!

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