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From Mantra to Monkey Orphanage: Why Volunteering is Not a Sacrafice

Rachel Leshaw is a yoga teacher and petsitter in Encinitas, California. She came to C.A.R.E. to volunteer earlier this year and fell in love with the baboons.

Read more in her blog, it is an interesting read:

Rachel was a wonderful presence at the Centre and encouraged staff and volunteers to practice yoga in the privacy of their rooms or in group sessions on the golden sand besides the Olifant's River (which means 'Elephant's River'). Everyone had some magical experiences; the orphans often played nearby and hippos slowly paddled their way along the river as the yoga sessions were underway... what an incredible setting for such an exercise.

When Rachel left the Centre, she didn't forget about the baboons and continued to fund-raise at home. In just a few months Rachel raised R41,484 (over $4000) which has now reached the baboons! We are so grateful that she touched our lives (human and baboon) and that she also enjoyed the experience so much. Thank you to Rachel and to all those who helped her achieve such a wonderful donation! It is incredible to see how generous and CAREing the human species can be. Lipsmacks and gurgly hugs from the baboons & C.A.R.E. team!

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