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CARE Orphan in Happy Tails Magazine!

One of our baby baboon orphans is featured in this seasons Happy Tails Magazine!

" Happy Tails is an uplifting animal rescue magazine focusing on heart-warming and inspiring stories about animals all over South Africa.

The stories are positive and with every article, your heart will soar; with every engaging, thought-provoking page, you’ll feel as we do: you can make a difference. Readers share their stories about beloved adopted animals, and how they changed their world.

Happy Tails doesn’t just look at cats and dogs; they include all animals, from donkeys to birds and wildlife. The general advice articles cover subjects like house-training and how to choose a new pet, while expertly written articles by vets and animal behaviourists inform and educate."

Mika is featured! Mika is an orphan baboon being taken care of at our wildlife rehabilitation centre, here at C.A.R.E.

Mika is living in a Semi-Wild Enclosure! She was released into the semi-wild with her troop in March 2016! She is now with her very own baboon family again after such a traumatic beginning! We are fundraising for another semi-wild enclosure to be built for 2016 too, to help click here!

To read Mika's story in the magazine you can subscribe! The latest issue is now available at selected CNA, Spar, Exclusive Books, OK Foods and other "niche market" stores countrywide. To subscribe to Happy Tails email or to order the digital copy visit

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