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We were thrilled when Phalaborwa FM Radio Station agreed to give us some airtime to spread the word of the plight of Baboons and reach over 120,000 people who listen in on a Sunday morning!

So, volunteer staff member, Sam Keegan, and volunteer Daniela Burgos Illanes set off to the Broadcasting Studio ready to tackle the ever increasing problems that baboons face every day in South Africa.

Sam Keegan has been with the centre for over a year and volunteered as a care-giver many times before joining the team to help develop the Education Program, fundraising and marketing the centre. So far she is doing a great job!

The team at Phalaborwa FM embraced our education with open arms, having never approached the subject of wildlife or conservation on air, and were so pleased with the public's feedback, that they have invited us to join them every Sunday morning live on air to discuss deeper how we can make a difference to South Africa's wildlife. In this short clip towards the end of the interview, Mandla, (AKA Salty Guy Candy) felt it necessary to highlight to his followers that we should no longer talk about the killing of baboons, but the "Murdering of Baboons" as he now feels that this is a more accurate representation of what is really happening! Mandla also invited us to discuss the reasons for baboons being orphaned, and gave his interesting insight on the use of animal body parts in traditional medicine. Thank you to Phalaborwa FM for giving us such an incredible chance to speak to the thousands - next week, we will be inviting listeners to call in with questions and share their experiences of baboons so that we can approach all aspects of the plight of baboons, and continuing to educate the facts ! You can check in with us next Sunday from 9-11am on Phalaborwa FM 105.1

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