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Giggling Baboon Orphans

LAUGHTER REALLY IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL ! We wanted to share with you just a few special moments in the C.A.R.E. Phase I Rehabilitation Nursery Quarantine today. The two orphaned baby baboons are our most recent orphans, Raven and Arya, who have now spent over a week together and growing, learning and developing each day.

They also enjoy a good rough 'n' tumble, but the best part of observing these two are the side-splitting giggles you can hear from them both as they chase each other and when Arya manages to catch bigger Raven, they just roll around giggling. It is said, that "Laughter is good for the Soul" - and these two need all the healing they can after the traumas they have experienced so early in their lives. Try watching these few moments with the volume switched up and see if you can contain a smile appearing on your face, and maybe even laughter too ! #savingbaboons #wildlife #conservation #laughterisgoodforthesoul #orphanedbaboons

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