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Why Volunteer and Why Baboons?

Experts Jane Goodall, Ian Redmond and Born Free's Will Travers Explains

Hear why C.A.R.E., baboon rehabilitation, volunteers and Rita's legacy is so important from world renowned experts;

Dr Jane Goodall

Will Travers, OBE of the Born Free Foundation

Dr Ian Redmond - Primatologist and Wildlife Biologist Stephen Munro, C.A.R.E.'s Director & landowner of the rehabilitation centre

Rita Miljo herself (her legacy lives on after her tragic death in 2012),

Former CARE volunteer care-giver Deborah

"We have all these different species in the world, and, thank goodness there are people like Rita that are working for those that other people don't like." Dr Jane Goodall.

"The role that baboons play in their natural habitat; they are not just ornaments. They are part of the ecology of the habitat in which they evolved and which evolved around them. If you remove baboons from that habitat then all the ecological jobs that baboons do, don't get done." Dr Ian Redmond.

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