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Everyone is Talking About C.A.R.E.'s New Online Shop

Updated: May 3, 2020

Want to buy a sweet new bag or shirt which;

a). Advertises C.A.R.E. to all you meet and

b). Generates essential funds for C.A.R.E. to help animals in need?

Now you can!

Marie Claire Gauthier, a volunteer missing C.A.R.E. from France has enlisted the help of designers and fellow volunteer helpers to set up an Online Shop which raises funds for the baboons.

We are impressed and there has been a buzz of excitement; people sharing photos of their C.A.R.E. memorabilia from all over the globe.

Get your C.A.R.E. Items Today!

"I received my order and I am delighted. The t-shirt is very good quality and the size fits very well. The tote bag is very cute. I recommend the site. I am very proud to participate in the well being of baboons." - Murielle -France (Marie's ex-boss).

Here's what Marie says about setting up the shop;

Like so many people around the world, recently I suddenly and unexpectedly found myself in lockdown. I was unable to spend my days outside, see friends, go on long walks with my dog, travel and explore. I was doing very little, stuck at home with not much to do each day. This gave me time to think about everything that was changing all over the world and this is what inspired me to make an online shop to raise money for C.A.R.E.

Community Outreach Marie Claire Gauthier
Marie assisting C.A.R.E. with Community Outreach
I’ve seen the great work that C.A.R.E do and I would really like nothing more than to be there right now, helping them through this tough time. However, I can’t be, as both France and South Africa are in lockdown and international borders are closed. I found myself unable to help on the ground, so I wanted to find a way to help from home.

C.A.R.E has an army of volunteers from all over the world, all of whom are passionate about baboons and conservation. Creating an online shop and selling different types of clothing and accessories, was a way to reach out to those people from different countries and continents. Most of the world is now in lockdown and the shop is online, so it’s a good way to reach everyone everywhere.

Designer Cora with Unique Designs For C.A.R.E.
French Designer Cora with Unique Designs

My friend Cora, who I’ve known for over a decade, is great at creating graphic designs and very kindly agreed to help out for free, because she knows how much I love C.A.R.E. and baboons. She was able to understand exactly what I wanted and came up with a whole variety of baboon-themed creations to put on all the products. Cora produced the designs and then myself and a few fellow volunteers created the online shop. There’s a site that serves all of Europe and one that sells exclusively to the USA. Most of C.A.R.E’s volunteers come from Europe and the US, so we thought it was important to appeal to both markets. Both shops are now online and full of fantastic products – t-shirts, jumpers, hats, water bottles, baby clothes and more. We have it all!

During these uncertain times, sometimes people can struggle to afford to donate to charities.

However, donating through buying a t-shirt enables you to get something in return.

Also, EVERYONE can get one.

Not just those who have been to South Africa or know about baboons.

Tom_Ashley with Rita's Quote
Volunteer Tom with Rita's Quote in Colour

Anyone of any age, gender, experience, knowledge or passion can buy one. People from all over the globe are already enjoying the products, so don't delay and get yours now. Be sure to take a pic of you in your new clothes and share with us.

U.K. Supporter Becky Sharing Rita's Quote.

Although the lockdown gave me time to organise this, the shop won’t be coming down when lockdown ends. I hope that we can make more designs in the future and continue to raise money for C.A.R.E. We have things that would be perfect for gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion. You should definitely be expecting a ‘Summer 2020’ range and then limited-edition Christmas products this winter! The baboons will benefit from every single thing that is purchased.

I volunteered there for a while, but C.A.R.E means so much to me for another reason too. My initial attachment to baboons came whilst I was at another centre in South Africa. I fell in love with a troop at another rehabilitation centre, who a very uncertain future. C.A.R.E kindly agreed to help out and now the troop are living happily at C.A.R.E. in beautiful surroundings with brilliant support.

C.A.R.E has given me, and so many others, incredible experiences and memories.
Now we should all find ways to give back.


Marie Claire Gauthier



Visit the Europe Shop

Visit the USA Shop

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