We Weren't Sure Mowgli Would Make It.

We were unsure if orphan baby Mowgli would survive, or if he would have lasting complications. - - -

Orphan Mowgli arrived in a terrible state; puncture wounds on his body, blood, and ticks all over him, malnourished and with large, open head injuries.

He has been under 24-hour critical care, with medication to treat shock, prevent seizures, and infection. See how he progressed in his first week of Phase 1 of his Rehabilitation for Release Journey.

Help C.A.R.E.;

VOLUNTEER AND DONATE VOLUNTEER: www.primatecare.org/volunteer DONATE: www.primatecare.org/donate

We rely solely on the generosity of people like you to help these innocent orphaned baby baboons. Baboons matter, wildlife matters and we should all try to help and make a positive difference.

Help today.

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