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What Name Did She Choose?

You guys ROCK

Together $1700 was raised for C.A.R.E. thanks to everyone that participated in the Naming Fundraiser. Our newest orphan baby baboon has a name! Watch the video to find out what it is.

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At under 2 weeks old, she found herself an orphan. Her mother was killed in a hit and run, and they were left for dead. Her rescuers found the tiny baby girl attached and decided to help. They immediately ensured she got to our rehabilitation centre safely meaning she will get the best chances for a normal life as a baboon. She is in the first phase of her rehabilitation for release journey (the Nursery Quarantine) and growing fast.

Already since she arrived a week ago, she has cut two teeth and is becoming more coordinated each day. Like a human new-born she naps, eats and poops a lot... however, she is growing much faster than any human baby and will soon be physically strong enough to be raised by her own kind before she is released back into the wild.

Enjoy the video! We hope to keep you updated on her progress.

#baboonorphan #baboon #primatecare #notpets

Thank you to everyone that helped, your support is vital during this really tough time and means a lot to us all.

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